Collective Design - About

Based in New York City and active in the creative community throughout the year, Collective Design culminates in the annual fair each spring. Building upon a growing audience for collectible design and art, Collective Design showcases masterworks of the 20th and 21st centuries alongside experimental works from the next generation of global talent. The fair illuminates both the design process and the diversity of our material culture, promoting a spirit of discovery that resonates with new and seasoned collectors alike.

The Fair

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The Collective Design fair is a commercial and educational platform highlighting curated works from a global roster of galleries alongside rich and varied programming. Emerging and established galleries often exhibit side by side; the surprising material juxtapositions that result can lead to discoveries, revealing new aspects to familiar, even iconic work and lending context to the latest innovations.

Through its annual fair, Collective Design highlights both the creative process and the diversity of today’s material culture, starting provocative conversations and encouraging the exchange of ideas that foster a growing audience for collectible design.

The fair has leveraged the city’s energy to become a vital part of New York’s cultural calendar, cultivating a spirit of discovery that appeals to both avid patrons and those new to collecting. Collective Design explores the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life.


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Throughout the year, Collective Design hosts conversations and other programs putting design at the center of lively debate. At the fair, the Collective Conversations series welcomes the audience to take a seat next to esteemed artists, curators and others shaping ideas about today’s material culture. In 2015 (above), designers Joseph Walsh, Wendell Castle and Cathrine Raben Davidsen joined curator Glenn Adamson and Collective’s Sarah Medford around a table custom-fabricated by BroLab.

Collective Design’s popular studio visits open up private workspaces for demonstrations, discussion and the chance to get together over a cocktail with others interested in how the creative process unfolds. Designers and artists with diverse practices enjoy our intimate gatherings as much as we do! Join us for future visits in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and elsewhere—our program continues to grow.

Fluid, wide-ranging and continually growing, the Collective Design community meets throughout the year for events that reinforce our creative networks and encourage discussion. Sponsors and partners play an active role in shaping these get-togethers. Past events have included an intimate dinner in the Los Angeles studio of the Haas Brothers and a festive 2016 dinner (above) at The New York Edition, our hotel partner.