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Ippodo Gallery


Since opening in Tokyo in 1996, Ippodo Gallery has consistently introduced outstanding works of contemporary Japanese art-crafts. In 2013, the gallery relocated to the Upper East Side. With an unwavering commitment to bringing the highest quality works directly from their Japanese sources, the gallery distinguishes itself with a unique sense of the natural world.

Ceramics, lacquerware, bamboo craft, textiles, woodwork, metalwork, stone sculpture, furniture, kimono, glass, dolls, paintings, photographs — selecting works by Japanese artists from a wide range of fields, the gallery presents collections of top quality works. In addition, the gallery collaborates with craftspeople to give birth to new traditions, sharing the very best of Japanese culture with the world.


12 East 86th Street, #507
New York, NY 10028

212 967 4899
f. 212 967 4889

Artists & Designers

Yuki Hayama
Yukiya Izumita
Ken Matsubara
Mitsukuni Misaki
Katsuya Ohgita
Momoo Omuro
Mokichi Otsuka
Shota Suzuki
Midori Tsukada
Ikuro Yagi
Shinya Yamamura